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Friday, 10 February 2006

Happy birthday Stan

This was originally on the BBC Ouch! Website

Happy birthday my little man. Four today. Here he is with his cousin and uncle.
We celebrated at the weekend, by going over to my sister's. Interesting event on the way……We were stuck in traffic by a bus stop. A family of four looked at us and the Dad whispered something to his wife. Gosh, I wonder what they said? Then all of them stared. A lot. Anyway, like clockwork, as though we'd rehearsed, we all swung into action. We hadn't practiced this, but I leant forward and STARED BACK. So did Jane, so did Harry. We were there for a painful twenty seconds, before we moved off. Just as we did so, Stan waved. He's SO forgiving.
I don't think those people will ever stare at anything again. Well, we live in hope………
Whilst we waited in the traffic jam, I was studying Stan's blue badge. It's got an expiry date. What's all that about? It runs out in October 2008. Either this is some administrative necessity, or they are confident of finding a cure by then. I do hope they let us know if they do.

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