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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ricky Gervais calls Susan Boyle 'a mong'

However, unlike Frankie Boyle, Gervais has at least made an attempt to justify his comments....see "Week one hundred and nineteen - May 2010" - "I clearly explain that words change and that at no point am I referring to anyone with Down's Syndrome. Not only am I not referring to people with Down's Syndrome I also explain that I am not associating the word with its old derogatory meaning. I also do it as part of a routine about comedians taking responsibility for everything they say. I hope this is acceptable."

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Eight years on

I was struggling with the photocopier. How many bits of paper can get jammed in one machine? Text message: who's that? Well, it was from the Mrs., forwarded from Stan's speech and language lesson. A video of Stan, clearly saying: "XXX is eating chocolate cake."

The text came in eight years to the moment that Stan was being prepped for his first heart surgery on 20 May, 2002.

It was a wonderful moment this morning because it reminded me of how far we've come. And reminded me of the amazing friends and family that stood by us in our darkest hour. And reminded me of the incredible team at Great Ormond Street who I thank every minute of every hour for saving Stan's life.

Thanks to them, every time I look at both of my boys, my heart skips a beat.

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