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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dance champions

Stan and Nicholas after they stormed the show....

A former day trader has helped Stan and his friends turn a placid audience into a seething crowd of appreciative whoopers and hollerers. 

Redfoo makes up half of the electro house duo LMFAO, and it's their song that Stan's school danced to in the battle of the Barnet schools this week. 

I've just learnt all I need to about Redfoo from Wikipedia, but the audience was given an education of sorts by a group of young men with learning disabilities, who were determined to compete just as much as the other acts from Barnet's schools. 

It was, of course, another "if only I'd known on the day he was born" moment. It was empowering - and to witness those parents, who don't have a child with a learning disability, cheer their lungs out - was just as it should be, but it was, all the same, fantastic.

LMFAO have millions of You Tube hits, and it felt like the noise of their entire fan-base in the Arts Depot this week. It was joyful to watch as Stan and friends brought the house down. 

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