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Friday, 19 August 2016

Stan's holiday

In my book in 2014 I wrote that we'd never go on holiday with Stan again. Our last trip as a family was the dreadful holiday of 2013. But something amazing's just happened and I'm writing this because if you feel like giving up - when your child with Down's is trying your patience - I'm here to tell you that it might get better. Back during the horror holiday three years ago, I suggested that if you're going on holiday with your child who has a learning disability, then remember to pack patience and I don’t mean the card game. You could be returning with emotional baggage.

Laddo doing the Fado 2016
There are two reasons why I think that 2016 was a good year. One: Stan has grown up a bit. At 14 and a half we can reason with him. The place we just stayed in Portugal - if it had been three years ago, Stan would have smashed all the wine glasses. Now, he wasn't bothered. He was happier doing his own thing. Two: Arrangements. He had priority boarding to the gate and passport control, no waiting anywhere and that helped keep things calm. And he had access to his brother and cousin. In 2013, we were staying in a different place to his cousins. He hated that. 

So, we're bathing in the glow of a successful trip. Stan even danced in the square with a band. He wasn't perfect but we had a holiday. In 2014, I predicted that we would never have one with him again. So it's a great feeling. 

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