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Friday, 7 October 2016

I found my place in the Sun

I was a bit nervous buying the newspaper. I was pretty sure that Stan and I would be in there but newspapers can sometimes 'drop' items if bigger news comes along. So I got a copy of the Sun and our story was featured. (Printed edition below). 

The kerfuffle was started by actress Sally Phillips who asked on a BBC2 documentary: What would a world without Down's Syndrome look like? 

Steve talks about this on his latest podcast

I found it fascinating, not just because of the stuff about Down's Syndrome. But Sally goes on to look at geneticism generally and how we're on the verge of being able to choose kids who aren't disabled, aren't ginger and are good at maths. It's just that kids with Down's on in the vanguard. You can't tell if someone in the womb will go on to have an autistic spectrum condition...just yet. But perhaps soon you will be able to and that raises divisive ethical questions.

When the Sun contacted me I saw it as a good opportunity to spread the word about Down's Syndrome. As a parent, it can be hard work but it can also be rewarding. 

Stan watched much of the documentary with us. He was interested to see other people with Down's on TV. And Sally's love of Olly, and her passion about the issue, made for a really good show. I wish there had been more on geneticism more widely. But it was a good effort and it certainly got people talking. 

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