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Monday 28 November 2005

Eve's blog

This was originally on the BBC Ouch! Website

Hello. I am Stan’s cousin, Eve. I am 8 and I go to his school. I have given Stephen the weekend off and here is my blog: Saturday 26th November: Eve Harding and May Harding are sleeping at their auntie and uncle’s (mr and mrs palmer) because their mum and dad are in Sweden on holiday. Eve and may’s cousins (harry and Stanley palmer) are getting along very nicely. Stan (Stanley palmer) has got Down Syndrome and Eve, may and Harry are looking after him with love and care. Later on today Eve, may, Harry and Stan will be going swimming at Archway pool. WE THINK that Stan is doing very well in speaking (Makaton) and being a lovely member of the family. Stanley can now say car and house with help from Stephen and Jane Palmer. Eve, May, Harry and Stan are taking part in a play at new year. If you want to find more about the palmers and Stan log on to Read more of my blog here Sunday 27th November: Eve and may Harding are still at Jane’s house and are settling in very nicely and are starting to feel that they live there. Eve has developed two blogs now, and on the last one eve talked about the palmer family. Eve, May and Harry go to an after school on Thursdays and Stan and Stephen always pick Harry up. Last Thursday the after school club had the tent out, but they didn’t Use the tent the proper way they wrapped them selves in it and the Head of after school club pulled it with the rest of after School club. Eve had a go with Stan on her knee and at the last minute stan jumped off it. If you want to ask questions or want to find out more palmers log on to

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