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Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Last OUCH blog - Valentine's day 2006

This was originally on the BBC Ouch! Website

Valentine's day memories It's time to thank the Wizard of Ouch and his fine team, for inviting me do this blog, which comes to an end today. Thanks to anyone who read it, and to those kind enough to leave comments. I understand if you've had your fill.

Today, Jane and I were talking about things that happened to us four years ago. It's about this time in Feb 02 that we found out about Stan's heart. The fact that we were able to have this conversation today shows how far we've moved on. Having a disabled child can put your marriage under immense strain, and it's not all been a bed of roses. But, this Valentine's day we're able to look back, and say that we've survived, and we're stronger. Last week Stan and I had our hair cut. The barbers was quite empty, so two guys cut our hair at the same time, different chairs. Stan kept waving over, and it was a dad-and-son bonding moment. Just like millions of such moments all over the world every day, and just like moments I have with Harry. Yes, Stan needs extra help with some things, yes he's disabled, but he's also my son, and in the barbers, it felt like it more than ever.

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