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Monday 12 April 2010

Frankie is a Boyle

Comedian Frankie Boyle had an on-stage run-in with a mother of a Down's syndrome child after he made fun of victims. The former panellist on BBC quiz Mock The Week devoted five minutes of a stand-up show to a foul tirade against sufferers and their parents by criticising their hair, clothing and voices. He then turned on the audience, picking on a couple - Sharon and Keiron Smith - in the front row and accusing them of talking. Laughter turned to awkward silence when Mrs Smith told Boyle: 'My daughter has Down's syndrome and I'm very upset.'
Boyle was unrepentant. He made fun of the couple before saying: 'This is my last tour. I don't give a **** what people think.'

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My letter to Frankie Boyle's management company:

Hi Frankie - one way that my son doesn't live up to the tiresome stereotypes that you were pandering on stage is the really rude sign he gives when people upset him. We're trying to discourage him from using this, but in your case we're happy to make a massive exception. Steve

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