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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Proud family - Xmas show

I’ve held back from writing this because I don’t want it to be too mushy. Oh, alright then; a proud family was in the audience to see Stan perform in the Xmas show last week. His fantastic cousin was in the front row, gesturing all of the actions. This was, however, the only help he needed. Stan was on stage, but vitally, without a learning support assistant ~ and he was fantastic. It was a real “If I’d have known on the day he was born” moment. And a great advert for mainstreaming education (for those that want it). It was a brilliant moment; there wasn’t a dry eye in our family. (alright, his bro was cool about it).

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  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to Frankie Boyles comments. I will be doing a blog on this shortly. I happen to believe that his comments amount to a form of fascism. If he'd made his comments about someone from an ethnic minority, he'd never work on TV again. Attacking a group of people with far greater challenges and issues is much worse.

    Rog T at The Barnet Eye blog


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