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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Letter to Evening Standard - Undateables

Kate, from the Undateables
Victor Lewis-Smith's article on the Undateables is here - and my reply is below - in the Evening Standard ~ 

As the parent of a boy with Down's Syndrome, Victor Lewis-Smith's review of The Undateables was a refreshing read. He not only stood up for people who are vulnerable; he also tried to get to know their characters and understand their points of view. He worries about whether these people should appear on TV. Of course it's a concern; we steer a fine line between protection and offering life opportunities unthinkable to people with learning disabilities even a few years ago. All I would say to him is ask the people who were in the show, whether they were happy to be filmed. It's a good starting point because they can more than contribute to their choices in life.

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