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Friday, 19 July 2013

Sweet shops, chromosomes and parenthood

That letter to the i - the 20p version of the Independent - which is not yet published. 

Your story about Down's Syndrome suggests "chromosome therapy" in the future;  
I tweeted "A cure! Oh, small print says 'decades of research'........never mind". Because, while we wait for a pill that may or may not help my son, Stan,  we're attending to the day-to-day tasks. Also, parenthood is not like being in a sweet shop; every person is different.  Stan's funny and irritating, stubborn and gorgeous. And he leaves his mainstream primary school next week, where he’s added so much to the lives of everyone there.  I'd probably ask him to take a magic pill, but I'm not hanging onto the hope of one soon. We're just getting on with it. 

Down's Dad. 

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