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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Crimes against mix-tapes and the small matter of a new school..........

Down's Mum got a lovely birthday present from Down's bro-in-law; a compilation cd with artists from the 80s (ABC/Associates/Magazine). But it's NOT a mix tape. No one called it a mix tape in the 80's - that's an invention of fashionable young things from the 90's. It's a compilation tape. There. I feel better. 

With that in mind, Down's bro asked me last night if I missed "being young". Cheeky git. But he's got a point. I remember entertaining some older people at an event when I was about 20 - Down's Mum was there too - and I remember wondering what it would be like when we got old. Now, here I am, knocking on that particular door.

But, waking up this morning, my reaction last night has surprised me. I told him I'm very happy.

Stan's started in special school / secondary this week. Here he is waiting for his bus. No doubt something will come along to cock up this equilibrium. But today we're happy. I may even make everyone a compilation tape. 

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