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Sunday 1 March 2015

Down's with the kids - the book ~ Written and audio

“This is my brother. He can be cute; he can also be a little shit”. Down’s Bro. 

Written version from Amazon

Audio version from Audible - Instructions on how to download 

Down's with the kids: The life and times of Stanley Matthew Palmer. By his Dad. 

It'll take about an hour to read Steve Palmer's book about his son, Stan and extended family. Stan has Down's Syndrome and Steve's book is an honest account of life with this "endearing, infuriating, loving and frustrating" boy. If you’re a parent with a new diagnosis of Down’s, this book’s for you; when you’re ready. Because it’s warts-and-all; maybe you’ll prefer it that way. There's also the memory of a night in Cardiff in 2002 from this Stoke City-supporting family. From school days to holidays, from clichés to relationships with siblings, Steve offers you family life - with a child with a learning disability - as it really is; hard work, worth it and at times, a bit of a laugh quite frankly. 

'On 5 October my sister in law gave birth to Cooper, a wee Downs baby. I want to be a support to them and a good uncle to Cooper. This book has helped me learn loads about a condition I previously knew nothing about.'

'Fantastic, no-nonsense insight to the highs and lows of life generally, but just with an added chromosome. Recommended reading for anyone - not just the family and friends of people with Down's Syndrome.'

'I read this in one sitting: I just couldn't put it down. I loved Steve's observational wit combined with his music and film analogies. Looking forward to him writing more.'

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