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Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Down's Syndrome Baby Jesus

This was originally on the BBC Ouch! Website
OK, that'sit for 2005. The Wizard of Ouch has taken off his conical hat, put on his Santa hat, and given me Xmas off. Before I say farewell for the year, here's a snippet, as promised of a play written by Stan's eight-year-old neice, Eve, and to be performed on Xmas Eve (in our house). Now, it's important to make everything in Stan's life age-appropriate, but he is playing the part of the Down's Syndrome Baby Jesus because he is the closest in age to the real thing and's only a play! Merry Chromosome! SCENE 1:THE LITTLE TOWN OF SHETLEHEM , SCOTLAND . Joseph: oh I hope I don't get a disabled child Mary: oh what was that dear? Joseph: oh nothing darling Mary: oh I'm giving birth in 5 minutes so bring me a cup of tea lad……… oh forget the tea I'm giving birth now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joseph: oh I'll come when the baby's here Mary: oh your useless I'll just call a nice sensitive animal……oh Rudolph dear Rudolph: oh you silly moo I'm not the giving birth service, but what I can tell you is that we might need to go to the Giving Birth Planet because your son might need some medical help. Climb aboard!!!!!!!! (whooshing……..) Read the whole play Merry Xmas to all Ouch readers from Stan and family.

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