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Monday 28 February 2011

I can't get it out of my head

What’s your ear-worm? What song goes round and round in your head? Can it be different every day? It certainly can for me. Cheryl Cole hunts me down more painfully than her ex with an air gun.

Hang on Down’s Dad...What’s this got to do with Stan? Well, firstly his particular penchant for playing Cee Lo Green (just the first three tracks mind) is currently a bit challenging. But also, this column is about extended family members. So it’s time to talk about Down’s Dad’s Dad.
Dad died suddenly in 1997 and I hadn’t quite had that ‘full realisation’ moment. I’d done a night shift at a radio station and was driving home. On to the radio came Robbie Williams, singing ‘Angels’. A truly awful song by a man who I should naturally despise. This is because of his love - and financial commitment - to my football team’s local rivals. But it got me. Then and there at 0530 in the morning and it’s stayed with me since.

If only my ear-worm was something I was proud of. But life’s not like that. It’s all confused and strange. A bit like being the parent to a disabled child!

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